About The Event

The Machine Conference is an exclusive gathering of Analytics & Data Science Leaders in India. Analytics adoption tops our agenda as we examine the latest opportunities and challenges in a data driven world.

Data is at the forefront of all business transformation. The challenge is to use this data and transform it into customer insights by implementing algorithms and designing new business models. The Machine conference is a platform to recognize those who know how to transform data into competitive advantage.

Theme: Put Analytics to work

Today analytics is considered as an integral part of every business irrespective of its nature and size. While we are surrounded by zettabyte of data and see it in all shapes of form, we still struggle to put it to the best use. At the Machine conference we bring together the leader of Analytics Industry in India and explore the ground breaking innovations and the challenges that they face in analytics adoption. They share their experience with compelling use cases and inspire us with ideas that are truly game changing.




July 30, 2021

The Machine Conference is Brought to you by Analytics India Magazine

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What you’ll discover at conference

This is an invite only conference exclusive to the senior executives in Analytics & AI space

Industry Thought-Leader sessions

CAO Panel Discussions

Vendor Showcase

Networking Opportunities with your colleagues from across the nation


Closed Door Round tables with industry peers